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We've been blogging now since May 9th, 2005, which means we've been at this for almost two months. We've collected 1400 visitors in our short lifespan and begun to network with some other language bloggers. Here are some other interesting statistics, gleaned from our hit counters, to give us (and now you!) an idea of what our readership is all about.

Most common keyword searches that lead to Invented Usage:
1. invented usage (4 hits)
2. lightsaber sound effect (3 hits)
3. like usage (2 hits)

Other things Invented Usage could be mistaken for an authority on:
"liquid hot magma" sound bit evil (Yahoo)
"similarity" "vagina" "vocal cords" (Google)
Web-cam style diarists than essayists, making a clear case for the importance of a multicultural voice, (Google)
when the false teeth were invented (Yahoo)

(ed: i like how because of keyword google searching someone clicked on our site thinking it held the answer to the similarity of vocal coords to vaginas. how hilarious is that? they were so WRONG! perhaps they thought using the vocal coords as a vagina would constitute an "invented usage.")

We've been visited by usage enthusiasts from all over the country, and even the world!
(Y)our top 3 countries of origin:
1. United States
2. Malasyia
3. Phillipines

Top 5 locations:
1. Hicksville, New York
2. Providence, Rhode Island
3. Oklahoma, City Oklahoma
4. Indianapolis, Indiana
5. New Haven, Connecticut

To give new readers a taste of the old classics, and since writing the blog has been such great fun, we thought we'd give each of our editors a chance to link back to some of their favorite posts:
Scott:tpyos rlue!1 (Cristi gives us the priviledge of a well-deserved smackdown regarding typographical and speeling erorrs.); truth conditions my left eye (read truth conditions, and feel the inner theorist burgeoning inside Cristi's soul.); legorature (don't be a block head! think about how reading a book is like putting together a boat from those lego diagrams we used to hate.)
Cristi: on like usage (a zesty blend of syntactical experimentation and piquant social criticism); my language wants to get high (how does Scott know whether his language is lucid or poetic?) names not of this blog (a spastic brainstorming session that reveals the history of 'invented usage'.)

So, all in all the blog is in a pretty good state, and we've got big plans for the future!
Things we promise our readers:
more frequent postings
more theorists
more poetry
more explosions

Ideas we've been kicking around, and may or may not implement one of these days:
more contributing writers
a supplemental website with biased info on writers, poets, and theorists
a glossary of terms and theorists(?)
a message board

Posts upcoming:
more reactions to 'a heartbreaking work of staggering genuis'
theory 101: some of our favorite impenetrable quotes
more on truth conditions
and some poetry!

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