Manatees of Approval

Cristi approves of Vogue. The magazine, not the Madonna song (although the first issue I read had Madonna on the cover). Vogue doesn’t just endorse spending a lot of money on clothes, it champions a whole lifestyle that acknowledges the need to create an identity. Why exclude clothing as an ‘external’ or ‘false’ representation of the personality rather than view it as an opportunity for creative self-expression? Aren’t we always re-presenting ourselves? Also, Vogue is the only thing that keeps me sane on airplanes.

Scott disapproves of poets who are down on our modern times. Let’s get with the program! Modern times are here to stay. There’s been a lot of discussion in my poetry related courses of the disappearance of a local identity. Maybe we’re getting a little more global, but maybe what we lose in a traditional sense of locality we make up for with our ability to create our own space out of the digital and technological access afforded us. Take this blog as case in point. Without global distribution, we would certainly have fewer than our current 20 or so dedicated readers.

Cristi disapproves of truth conditions. See all her previous posts. For real. Language and logic shouldn’t mix.

Scott and Cristi both approve of Spamalot and New York City. You would think that such a massive space would cause you to dilute over it and feel small and insignificant, but we found that to not be the case. Our need for familiarity and personal connections drove us to fondnesses for street corners and subway stations and to view the kindness of otherwise random faces as truly significant.
Also, there are Scientologists in the subway stations, masquerading as qualified testers of stress. So watch out, otherwise you’ll be eschewing psychology and reading L. Ron Hubbard Vociferously. (Scott approves of the ‘cif’ in vociferous.)
Also, Spamalot rocked our socks off. A rollicking romp of a good time, it earned every one of those Tony Awards by us.

Scott approves of George Oppen’s “Of Being Numerous”. Just checked out from the Rock, it is marvelous.

Cristi disapproves of departments renumbering all their courses, cutting their offerings, and only having the good ones as graduate seminars. This means you, MCM department.

Scott and Cristi approve of people who leave comments, even if we don’t agree with them ;).

Scott disapproves of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Seriously, What were they thinking? But he vigorously approves of Charles in Charge. Honorable mention to Punky Brewster and the episode where her friend gets trapped in a refrigerator.

Cristi approves of wireless internet, her laptop, a nice cool breeze, and posting from the main green.


Seb (counterapprovingly) said...

I disapprove of creating identity--but that's a long story.

But I do approve of Invented Usage (even more so< I bet, than the anonymous spam bot who precedes me.)

Have I gained any approval?

Cristi said...

haha, seb gets the approval i worked up reading the first two sentences of the spam-bot's post.

disappointment. it surrounds me.

one human approval deserves another...

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