in my opinion it's worth getting all 6.

Please, PLEASE,
go to your local comics agent and purchase the first two volumes of Alan Moore's SWAMP THING graphic novel, "THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING" and "LOVE AND DEATH" Supposing there's some group of you, oh, I don't know who, out there at the same college or university, you could split the cost 3-ways! Or more!

This is mostly a favor to yourselves. The issue with the little Walt Kelly "pogo" aliens speaking thick cartoon polyglot is worth the price of admission alone and they're stunning on your bookshelf.


Scott said...

I took a look at V for Vendetta over break. It was good, but sadly, not mine (owned by my good friend, Adam B.). What says you on this Allen Moore fun? It's by all accts. a classic, c'est non?

Adam said...

Yeah, that's a gorgeous book too. Actually I think the first of his I read.

If you've got the budget I say go out and buy his entire discography. Special attention goes to Swamp Thing, Watchmen, and there's a great compilation that just came out called "Across the universe" which is Factors Better than you'd ever imagine it could be.

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