Another Project

I've started working on another flash project. It's called "The Keats Machine". Simply, it's a slot machine whose jackpot is "truth is beauty, beauty truth"... However, it's an unlikely jackpot, and the other combinations of words it comes up with are bizarre and, potentially, more fun to discover.

So, if you have the time, go take a look at it. It's still very rough, and I'm probably going to redesign it soon. I'd appreciate any feedback someone reading this might have to offer.

Click on "Keats Machine" to CHECK IT OUT!


ACW said...

Didn't work for me. I got a dark gray background with a single comma or apostrophe near the middle. Windows, Firefox.

Scott said...

You might need the new Flash 8 update? Have you examined the other program provided on the website? It might take a little bit to load on a modem.

Adam said...

Sex Fucks Truth,
Truth Indignance.

Cristi said...

Fortitude can't be beauty, beauty smells

ACW said...

Perhaps it is the version. The other flash project works fine. I'm on a very fast internet connection.

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