admiral ackbar cereal!?

There's something rhetorically interesting going on in this, known as 'Sh!^ing around - Admiral Ackbar':
It makes me think the original admiral ackbar might be the funniest thing ever created. Funny at all speeds.

But perhaps it's not quite as interesting as *this* remix:

These guys are just begging to be widely known on the internet:

looks like one of these 'make your own corporate commercial' contests.

But! when i went back to give you a link to the original vid--a necessary part of understanding the above videos?--i was faced with THIS.

In case that didn't work, what it is is a google search that shows a screen shot of the original video and then says "this is no longer available."

Somewhere out there, has someone, probably comedy central's lawyers, defined the difference between the original video and those above? or maybe they just haven't found them yet?

A consolation prize.

Whoa! I love the Godfather:

By the way! Real bloggers write in html.

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have you seen this?

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