Names Not of This Blog

Have you ever thought of naming a child nothing? Not calling it "nothing," but just not providing it a name and then sending it out in the world to fight through the bureaucracies you wanted to liberate it from. We didn't have the heart to do that to this blog, though, so we had to name it.

Unsumupable: Languidge
Unsumupable: Languidging
Unsumupable: Blanguidge
DrApathy1: blanguidge
Unsumupable: Blogwitch
Unsumupable: Mmm... Blogwich
DrApathy1: Blad the Impaler
Unsumupable: Bloguidge
DrApathy1: Big Bad of Doritos
Unsumupable: A Big Bad
DrApathy1: Bite Language On the Gullet
Unsumupable: Bad Language On the Go
DrApathy1: Cristi and Scott's Guide to Everything... except that
DrApathy1: The Marked Blog
DrApathy1: Deconblogged
Unsumupable: Normablogity.
DrApathy1: Derradidn't
Unsumupable: Blogstructed Arteries
DrApathy1: Bloggle
DrApathy1: Derridon't
DrApathy1: Derrohmygodwtf?
Unsumupable: DerriNyet!!
DrApathy1: Conblogted
DrApathy1: Blogophone
DrApathy1: Crott
DrApathy1: Scristi
Unsumupable: Blog Crott
DrApathy1: supplement
Unsumupable: supple ment
Unsumupable: supple meant
DrApathy1: differ ant
Unsumupable: The Meanying of Life
DrApathy1: the best blog in the universe
DrApathy1: Cristi and Scott: WTF?
DrApathy1: WTF?
DrApathy1: B.L.O.G.
Unsumupable: Fourthest
DrApathy1: more fourth than you!
DrApathy1: Langowedge
Unsumupable: Langawidget
DrApathy1: dawidgetword
Unsumupable: are you widget?
DrApathy1: takes one to know one
DrApathy1: ;-)
DrApathy1: poer languish
Unsumupable: Invented Usage
DrApathy1: hmmmmmm
Unsumupable: hmm..
DrApathy1: *scrathes head, looks out window, hears voices, looks back at computer screen, scratches head again*
Unsumupable: Pood
DrApathy1: pood.blogspot.com
DrApathy1: Pood for Thought
Unsumupable: Deadly Debate
DrApathy1: Deadly Banter
Unsumupable: deadban.blogspt
Unsumupable: i'll spt you!
DrApathy1: S'Blog
DrApathy1: you're spting days are over!
Unsumupable: ain't room in this town for more'n one sptr!
DrApathy1: spt
DrApathy1: spectre
DrApathy1: spectate
Unsumupable: spout
DrApathy1: spit
Unsumupable: spat
Unsumupable: spate
DrApathy1: spoot
Unsumupable: spyut
DrApathy1: splicter
Unsumupable: spite
DrApathy1: spanto
Unsumupable: spitten


Anonymous said...

Get ridda Derrida...

A very droll exchange.

Abdul-Walid of Acerbia

Scott said...

Hah. Invented Usage is good. But I'm still partial to Pood for Thought... Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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