Shortest post ever!

I found an interesting article regarding the Ms. Braunteuer article discussed below:


And for the french speakers out there (I'm not):




Happy blogging!


Marc André Bélanger said...
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Marc André Bélanger said...

Actually, the ledevoir.com article looks at the situation in a more favourable light, saying that blogger position themselves as an alternative to traditional medias, many of which see them as a menace to their already declining readership. The author also talk about (traditional) journalists who have taken the step and gone on-line.

This newspaper (Le Devoir) has for a long time been an advocate for such things as blogs and Open Source initiative. Quite a good read.

(P.S. Thanks for the link ;-).

Scott said...

No, thank you for the link! It sounds like a great article, maybe if I'd taken French instead of German. Oh well.

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